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Nursing Assistants who have completed required training are authorized to apply for both written and manual skills competency testing.

The manual skills test consists of performance of 5 to 7 randomly assigned procedures which nursing assistants have learned in the training program. The test takes approximately one hour to complete. You have a partner. For 30 minutes of the test you are the CNA, and for the other 30 minutes you are the patient. Nursing assistants will be told at the completion of the test whether he/she has passed or failed. The test may be repeated three times. You can register for the skills test by going into any of the CSI Distance Learning Centers or the HSHS office.

Written testing is usually conducted on a monthly basis, please contact the HSHS office for details. The test is approximately 90 minutes long and test for knowledge of nursing assisting. The test may be taken written or orally in English. The test may be repeated three (3) times.

Idaho Health & Welfare maintains a list or Registry of all CNAs. To remain active on the Registry, the individual must be employed as a nursing assistant at least once during each 2 year period. Prior to the expiration date listed on the Registry, a renewal application will be mailed the nursing assistant. The date of most recent employment, or current employment, determines the next date of expiration. Nursing assistants who have not been employed for longer than two years need to repeat the manual skills and written competency testing inorder to regain active status on the Registry.