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Recommended Course Sequence by Semester
Dental Assisting Program - Technical Certificate

Academic Plan

DENA 101 Dental Assisting Theory I 2 Credits
DENA 101L Dental Assisting Theory I Lab 1 Credit
DENA 103 Dental Anatomy and Terminology 2 Credits
DENA 115 Dental Radiology 2 Credits
DENA 115L Dental Radiology Lab 1 Credits
DENA 135 Community Dental Health 1 Credits
DENA 135C Community Dental Health Clinical Practice 1 Credits
DENA 142 Medical Emergencies 2 Credits
ALLH 101 Medical Terminology 2 Credits
BIOL 105 Human Structure and Function (Includes lab) 4 Credits
It is strongly recommended the 9 credits of general education be completed prior to program admission.
DENA 151 Dental Assisting Theory II 2 Credits
DENA 151L Dental Assisting Theory II Lab 1 Credits
DENA 151C Dental Assisting Theory II Clinical 4 Credits
DENA 165 Dental Materials 1 Credits
DENA 165L Dental Materials Lab 1 Credits
DENA 175 Dental Practice Management 1 Credits
ALLH 220 Fundamentals of Nutrition 3 Credits
DENA 185 Expanded Functions 1 Credits
DENA 185L Expanded Functions Lab 2 Credits
DENA 185C Dental Practicum 5 Credits

Courses beginning with DENA can only be taken once a student has been accepted into the Dental Assisting Program. All other courses can be taken at any time prior to acceptance or as outlined.