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Emergency Medical Technician Program Expenses

All Students

Tuition and Program Fees  
CSI class tuition: $140.00 per credit (EMT Basic- 10 credits + $100.00 lab fees ) $1,500.00
Lab fees cover the following: emstesting.com, fisdap test, clinical badge, drug test)  
Total for Tuition and Fees $1,500.00
Mandatory Program Expenses:  
Program Text Books: AAOS Emergency Care and Transportation of the sick and injured (Text and Workbook) $200.00 new
Health Care Provider CPR Certification (if not already certified) $25.00
Background check: certifiedbackground.com $60.00

Physical/HEPB Vaccination/TB Test/Seasonal Flu Shot @ Physicians Immediate Care Center

Optional Program Expense:  
Students are encouraged, but not required to take the National Registry Certification Exam (NREMT) upon completion of the program. web-site: www.nremt.org



Combined total of class including Tuition and NREMT test: $2,055.00 approx.
Students are encouraged, but not required to buy the following personal items:  
Personnel stethoscope $15.00 to $45.00
Blood pressure cuff $15.00 to $50.00
EMT shears $7.00
EMT holster for tools $10.00
Black No-skid shoes $45.00-$250.00
Black or Navy EMT work pants $50.00-$100.00
EMS program t-shirt 13.00

Listed above are the approximate costs for the EMT Basic program at CSI. You are required to have your own health care insurance. Do not purchase anything on this list until you have attended the orientation session.

Students are responsible for own transportation to campus, clinical and field trips. Students have clinical experiences throughout the Magic Valley, sometimes as far away as 80 miles.


EMT? ME? Did you ever consider what this could mean? Flashing lights, blaring sirens. Action all around. Well, it's not quite like Hollywood makes it out to be. It's hard work and strange hours. It's people at their best and people at their worst. It's the tragedy and triumph of life in its simplest form. I feel if I can make a difference in just one person's life, then I have to shout"THANK YOU"to all those crazy teachers and people before me and after me. Smile and say to myself,"you know, it's been a great day after all!"I love being an EMT!

Kathy Zobell