HSHS Faculty & Staff

picture Jayson Lloyd
Instructional Dean
E-mail: jlloyd@csi.edu
Phone: 208-732-6547
Building: HSHS - Room: 106
picture Devin Anderson
EMS Instructor
E-mail: danderson1@csi.edu
Phone: 208-732-6710
Building: HSHS - Room: 119
picture Tonja Bowcut
Distinguished Professor, Dental Assisting
E-mail: tbowcut@csi.edu
Phone: 208-732-6708
Building: HSHS - Room: 125
picture Vickie Brannen
Lab Assistant
E-mail: vbrannen@csi.edu
Phone: 208-732-6739
Building: HSHS - Room: 208
picture Dillon Brock
EMS and Fire Science Program Manager
E-mail: dbrock@csi.edu
Phone: 208-732-6709
Building: HSHS - Room: 116
picture Michelle Critchfield
Associate Professor, Registered Nursing
E-mail: mcritchfield@csi.edu
Phone: 208-732-6749
Building: HSHS - Room: 216
picture Lee Ann Erickson
Student Services Specialist II
E-mail: leeannerickson@csi.edu
Phone: 208-732-6700
Building: HSHS - Room: 113
picture Chelsea Farnsworth
Instructor, RN
E-mail: cmfarnsworth@csi.edu
Phone: 208-732-6738
Building: HSHS - Room: 212
picture Cynthia Harding
Professor, Dental Hygiene
E-mail: charding@csi.edu
Phone: 208-732-6722
Building: HSHS - Room: 123
picture Paula Hart
Assistant Professor, Practical Nursing
E-mail: plhart@csi.edu
Phone: 208-732-6740
Building: HSHS - Room: 120
picture Robyn Ho Chee
Instructor, Registered Nursing
E-mail: rhochee@csi.edu
Phone: 208-732-6733
Building: HSHS - Room: 129
picture RoseAnna Holliday
Department Chair, Health Science and Human Services
E-mail: rholliday@csi.edu
Phone: 208-732-6737
Building: HSHS - Room: 132
picture Tamara Janak
Associate Professor, Radiologic Technology Clinical Coordinator
E-mail: tjanak@csi.edu
Phone: 208-732-6716
Building: HSHS - Room: 180
picture Suzanne Jones
Instructor, Certified Nursing Assistant
E-mail: sjones@csi.edu
Phone: 208-732-6742
Building: HSHS - Room: 128
picture Melora Kellis
Instructor, RN
E-mail: MAKellis@csi.edu
Phone: 208-732-6732
Building: HSHS - Room: 216
picture Tina Koch
Assistant Professor, Registered Nursing
E-mail: tkoch@csi.edu
Phone: 208-732-6729
Building: HSHS - Room: 205
picture Gena Laird
Office Specialist
E-mail: glaird@csi.edu
Phone: 208-732-6702
Building: HSHS - Room: 113
picture Rae Jean Larsen
Office Manager
E-mail: rlarsen@csi.edu
Phone: 208-732-6701
Building: HSHS - Room: 113
picture Gary Lauer
Associate Professor, Rad Tech
E-mail: glauer@csi.edu
Phone: 208-732-6719
Building: HSHS - Room: 181
picture Kara Mahannah
Associate Professor, Medical Assisting
E-mail: kmahannah@csi.edu
Phone: 208-732-6728
Building: HSHS - Room: 133
picture Janet Milligan
Professor, Surgical
E-mail: jmilligan@csi.edu
Phone: 208-732-6706
Building: HSHS - Room: 135
picture Rebecca Montgomery
Instructor, RN
E-mail: rmontgomery@csi.edu
Phone: 208-732-6744
Building: HSHS - Room: 224
picture Amanda Nussbaum
Instructor, RN
E-mail: anussbaum@csi.edu
Phone: 208-732-6724
Building: HSHS - Room: 214
picture Carrie Nutsch
Associate Professor, Surgical 1st Assistant
E-mail: cnutsch@csi.edu
Phone: 208-732-6715
Building: HSHS - Room: 134
picture Alma Padron
Instructor, Health/Nursing Assistant
E-mail: apadron@csi.edu
Phone: 208-732-6713
Building: HSHS - Room: 127
picture Joel Peacock
Patient Simulation Lab Coordinator
E-mail: jpeacock@csi.edu
Phone: 208-732-6705
Building: HSHS - Room: 264
picture Tamara Pehrson
Associate Professor, Practical Nursing
E-mail: tpehrson@csi.edu
Phone: 208-732-6727
Building: HSHS - Room: 121
picture Rauli Perry
Instructor, RN
E-mail: RJPerry@csi.edu
Phone: 208-732-6746
Building: HSHS - Room: 221
picture Jeremy Presnell
Instructor, Fire Science
E-mail: jpresnell@csi.edu
Phone: 208-732-6709
Building: HSHS - Room: 116
picture Kalise Price
Dept Chair, Professor - RN
E-mail: kprice@csi.edu
Phone: 208-732-6732
Building: HSHS - Room: 214
picture Sarah Renaldi
Allied Health Instructor/CTE Advisor
E-mail: SRENALDI@csi.edu
Phone: 208-732-6720
Building: HSHS - Room: 131
picture Melisa Robinson
Instructor, ASNP Clinical Lab Coordinator
E-mail: marobinson@csi.edu
Phone: 208-732-6721
Building: HSHS - Room: 223
picture Rita Ruhter
Assistant Professor, Allied Health
E-mail: rruhter@csi.edu
Phone: 208-732-6726
Building: HSHS - Room: 130
picture Cindy Seaman
Associate Professor, Dental Hygiene
E-mail: cseaman@csi.edu
Phone: 208-732-6725
Building: HSHS - Room: 126
picture Scott Snell
Associate Professor, Practical Nursing
E-mail: ssnell@csi.edu
Phone: 208-732-6718
Building: HSHS - Room: 117
picture Katrina Starks
Instructor, RN
E-mail: kstarks@csi.edu
Phone: 208-732-6743
Building: HSHS - Room: 207
picture Judi Winkle
Dental Clinic Manager
E-mail: jwinkle@csi.edu
Phone: 208-732-6751
Building: HSHS - Room: 186B

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