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Entrance Requirements and Placement Process

CSI is currently not accepting new students to the program. Thank you for your interest in the Addiction Studies program. Please keep checking back here for updates.

Eligibility Requirements

  1. Individuals must be able to successfully pass a Department of Health and Welfare background check or successfully complete the Health and Welfare exemption review process to be able complete the Field Practicum course and/or to become certified in the State. Individuals are directed to Criminal History Unit-Idaho-Denials and select the tab that says “Denials” for information regarding disqualifying offenses, conditional denials and exemption review. It is suggested that the individual contact the Program Manager to discuss this eligibility requirement in further detail. **Please note, individuals do not need to obtain the background check for acceptance into the program, but will need to be able to successfully pass prior to taking the Field Practicum course.
  2. Individuals will be asked to participate in random drug screenings as outlined in the Student Handbook. Failure to pass a drug screen at any time during the program may jeopardize a student’s standing in the program.
  3. Individuals cannot be on any type of probation (supervised or unsupervised), participating in their own formal treatment program or be a client in any specialty court at the time of the Field Practicum class. It is suggested that the individual contact the Program Manager to discuss this eligibility requirement in further detail.

Program Application Requirements

Application to the Addiction Studies program is a separate application process from the applying to the College or declaring your major. The program allows for both Fall and Spring admission. Please apply as soon as possible as there is not a set application deadline at this time.

Acceptance into the Addiction Studies program will be based upon the individual being able to meet eligibility requirements, the completeness of the application process and an interview with the Program Manager, Instructors and/or Advisory Board members.

  1. If an individual has not made application to the College of Southern Idaho, they are asked to make application either online or by visiting the Admissions office in the Taylor Building.
  2. Complete all the forms included in the Application packet (see below) and submit to:

In order to apply for the program, the following items should be on file in the Program Director's office. Items may be brought to Mary Christy's office in the HSHS Building or sent to:

Mary Christy
College of Southern Idaho
Health Sciences & Human Services Department
PO Box 1238
Twin Falls, ID 83303-1238


Application Packet

Individuals are asked to submit the following documents in order to be considered for acceptance into the Addiction Studies program. An individual's application will not be reviewed until all documents are received. Applications must be received or postmarked by the deadline.
  1. Program application
  2. Letter of Intent: Individuals are asked to briefly describe their interest in the program and the goals they have in regards to using the education and training they will receive in the Addiction Studies program. The letter should be one page in length and individuals are discouraged from going into great detail about their own personal story.
  3. Two letters of recommendation. Please do not use family or friends as references.
  4. Provide an unofficial transcript if the individual has previously taken college coursework
  5. If no college coursework has been completed, submit a copy of placement score or transcript to indicate placement in English 101 or passing grade of English 101 AND completion of computer literacy.


Entrance Requirements

Once an individual is accepted into the Addiction Studies program, he/she will be required to complete all of the ADDS courses prior to enrolling into the Field Practicum course. Individuals taking the Field Practicum course will need to complete the following items as a condition of their acceptance by a practicum preceptor:
  1. Pass a Health and Welfare Background check or have successfully completed the Exemption review process.
  2. Pass a drug screen test.
  3. Some facilities may require the student to have a TB test.


Associated Program Costs

  1. Health and Welfare Background check--- $65.00
  2. Drug Screen--- $15-$30
  3. TB test--- $15-$30