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Professional Duties

So...What Do CMAs Actually Do?

Medical AssistantCertified Medical Assistants (CMAs) have a great amount of variety in their jobs and are crosstrained to perform many administrative and clinical duties. Below is a quick overview of the types of tasks a CMA does during a typical workday. (Keep in mind, the duties CMAs perform will vary from office to office depending on location, size and specialty.)

Administrative Duties

    Administrative duties may include...
    • Using computer applications
    • Answering telephones
    • Greeting patients
    • Updating and filing patient medical records
    • Coding and filling out insurance forms
    • Scheduling appointments
    • Arranging for hospital admissions and laboratory services
    • Handling correspondence, billing and bookkeeping

Clinical Duties

    Clinical duties vary according to state law and include...
    • Taking medical histories
    • Explaining treatment procedures to patients
    • Preparing patients for examination
    • Assisting the physician during the exam
    • Collecting and preparing laboratory specimens
    • Performing basic laboratory tests
    • Instructing patients about medication and special diets
    • Preparing and administering medications as directed by a physician
    • Authorizing prescription refills as directed
    • Drawing blood
    • Taking electrocardiograms
    • Removing sutures and changing dressings