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Program Length

This is a ten-month program beginning in August. All curriculum including practicum hours must be completed and verified, with documentation, to program director by May 31st. Application/Portfolios for the program should be received by the program director no later than August 1. Students requiring classes prior to placement in the core classes must complete preparatory classes prior to beginning the program.

FALL SEMESTER - 13 Credits

MEDA 220 Human Diseases (3)
MEDA 131 Medical Office Procedures (5)
MEDA 233 Clinical Procedures 1 (5)
MEDA 233L Clinical Procedures Lab (0)


MEDA 109 Pharmacology (2)
MEDA 201 Integrated Medical Procedures* (3)
MEDA 234 Clinical Procedures 2* (3)
MEDA 235 Medical Assisting Practicum* (4)