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Radiologic Technology: Mission


Program Effectiveness Data

5 Year Average Annual Performance Effectiveness Data 2012 - 2016

5 Year Average Annual Performance Effectiveness Data 2011 - 2015

5 Year Average Annual Performance Effectiveness Data 2010 - 2014

Analysis of the following student learning outcome data and program effectiveness data allows the program to identify strengths and areas for improvement to bring about systematic program improvement for accomplishing the mission of preparing graduates for entry-level employment as ARRT Registered Technologists in Radiography..  This analysis also provides a means of accountability to the following communities of interest: CSI Administrators and Saff, CSI Program Faculty, and Clinical Affiliate Registered Technologists. The current Outcome Assessment Plan for the CSI Radiologic Technology Program includes the following five categories, five goals and eighteen outcomes:

Category I: Graduate Performance

Goal I: Program effectiveness will be measured on and ongoing basis.

Outcomes: (1) Enrolled students will complete the program, (2) Graduates will pass the ARRT exam in radiography on the first attempt, (3) Graduates will be employed within six months and/or continuing their education, (4) Graduates will receive a quality education, (5) Employers will be satisfied with the performance of graduates.

Category 2: Clinical Performance

Goal 2: Students will be clinical competent.

Outcomes: (1) Students will provide appropriate patient care, (2) Students will demonstrate quality positioning, (3) Students will apply appropriate radiation safety principles, (4) Students will demonstrate the ability to evaluate image quality on non-routine patients.

Category 3: Problem Solving and Critical Thinking Skills

Goal 3: Students will possess problem solving and critical thinking skills.

Outcomes: (1) Students will apply ALARA exposure techniques resulting in quality images using the least amount of radiation (Optimum kVp & Low mAs), (2) Students will assess the quality of radiographic images, (3) Students will adjust equipment operation and quality control factors.

Category 4: Communication Skills

Goal 4: Students will communicate and interact with patients and staff.

Outcomes: (1) Students will engage in radiography-related discussions with patients, staff and each other, (2) Students in clinical setting will exhibit good oral, written, listening communication skills, (3) Students in didactic setting will communicate effectively in writing.

Category 5: Professional Growth and Development

Goal 5: Students and graduates will behave ethically.

Outcomes: (1) Students will apply the values, ethics and compassion of a radiographer, (2) Graduates will apply the values, ethics and compassion of a radiographer, (3) Students will develop a five year career development plan.

Outcome Assesment Data