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Idaho code for Application for license
(ADN and LPN)

Legal Authorization, Section 54-1404 (10) Idaho Code

"The Board shall have the power to deny any application for or renewal of license, to revoke, suspend or amend any license issued pursuant to this act and to limit or restrict the practice of any license. . . ."

Ground for Denial of License

The following will be deemed to be grounds for denial of license:

1. Failure to Meet Requirement. Failure to meet any requirement or standard established by law or by rules and regulations adopted by the Board; and/or
2. Failure to Pass Examination. Failure to pass the licensing examination; and/or
3. False Representation. False representation of facts on application for licensure; and/or
4. Having Person Appear for Examination. Having another person appear in hisfher place for the licensing examination; and/or
5. Course of Conduct. A course of conduct which would be grounds for discipline under Title 02., Chapter D., Section., of these rules and regulations; and/or
6. Disciplinary Action in Any Jurisdiction. Being subject to any proceeding and/or order in any jurisdiction; and/or
7. Conviction of a Felony. Anyone convicted of a felony.

For additional information, please see the Dean of Health Sciences and Human Services or contact the Idaho Board of Nursing (208-334-3262).