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Clinical Requirement for the CSI Surgical First Assist Program

You instructor for SFA courses and SFA clinical is:

Carrie Nutsch
Email: cnutsch@csi.edu 
HSHS Building 134
315 Falls Avenue PO Box 1238
Twin Falls, ID 83303-1238
Phone: 208-732-6715 or 800-680-0274, ext. 6715
Fax: 208-736-4743 (This is a shared fax. Please use a cover sheet.)

Students at CSI will meet the clinical case requirement, as defined in the current edition of the Core Curriculum for Surgical Assisting, 3e (CCSA3e)

  • Each SFA student will complete a of a minimum of 140 documented surgical procedures in the role of the surgical assistant.
    • Of the 140 completed cases, a requisite minimum of 20 cases should be completed in General Surgery, with the remaining cases divided between a minimum of two (2) of the specialties areas below.
    • A minimum of twenty (20) cases should be completed in each of the two (2) specialties selected.
      • Surgical Specialties include:
        • Cardiovascular
        • Peripheral Vascular
        • Thoracic
        • Orthopedic
        • Neurosurgery
        • Ob-Gyn
        • Urology
        • Plastic
        • General
        • Endosurgery
        • Ophthalmology
        • Otorhinolaryngology
        • Oral/Maxillofacial
        • Pediatrics
        • Oncology

Your progress in clinical will be evaluated by your MD proctor, and your progress will be monitored by your instructor through your online log booklet, and the paper copy signed by your proctor.  You may check your numbers and your progress at any time on your online Blackboard log book.

Starting with the fall 2017 admission:  Students will be required to make arrangements to take the NBSTSA Certification exam as a requirement for graduation. Click here for more information.

CSI’s POLICY for our surgical technology students transitioning into first assisting clinical

Our “seamless” education model with “stackable” credentials was approved by the Idaho State Board of Education.  Our program combines content (common to both surgical technology and surgical first assisting).  Because of this some students will be presented with the opportunity to assist in the later days of their surgical technology program.  Students will be able to “retain” their student scrub assist cases (after they have been preliminarily accepted into the SFA program) if:

  • They made application to the SFA program
  • Their application was preliminarily approved (pending certification)
  • They had the permission of the SFA clinical instructor
  • They had the appropriate MD proctor sheets in place (with the instructor) prior to the procedure
  • They have graduated AFTER May 2015 from our CSI surgical technology program
  • They have passed the national (ST) certification exam
Students who “step out” of the program (for any reason, and any length of time) will lose the right to retain those assisted cases and must start over from zero.