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  • Students who withdraw (or fail) from the program in the fall semester must re-apply as a new student for admission to the Surgical Technology Program.
  • There is no guarantee that the student will be re-admitted.  The program is limited entry, and very competitive.
  • A student who has been asked to leave the program based on unethical or unprofessional conduct is not eligible for re-admission.
  • A student who has failed any part of the surgical technology program may NOT re-apply to the program without making major changes in the events that caused the student NOT to progress. 
  • Students must have a satisfactory clinical grade to be allowed readmission to spring semester. 
  • Students who have failed or withdraw from a course due to unsatisfactory clinical performance are NOT eligible for readmission.
  • A student may be denied (fall) readmission based solely on the advice of the interviewing team and/or the advisory committee.
  • Readmission will be contingent on space available.


The Program manager will review all files of students requesting readmission to the Surgical Technology Program.  After meeting the above stated criteria, the following guidelines will determine placement:
First Priority: Students who withdraw for personal/health reasons, and are in good academic and clinical standing (grade C or above). Examples may include: family crisis, personal health, pregnancy, finances.
Second Priority: Students who withdraw and/or fail a course for academic reasons (low test scores-grades below C or failure to pass the lab practical)


  1. The student must follow the current application process to enter the program during the first (fall) semester. Students may be subject to the additional questions during the interview process
  • What caused your failure in the program last time?
  • What have you done to change the circumstance(s) that causes your failure in the previous fall semester?
  • Given that you have had a seat in the program before why should you be considered to take a seat again this year instead of someone else?
  1. To return in the second (spring) semester.
  • With instructor permission students may return to repeat a spring semester.
  • Any contractual agreements made at the time of withdrawal must be completed prior to consideration for readmission.
  • The student must re-enter the Surgical Technology Program ONLY within one year of dismissal to insure continuity in his/her program of learning, Or must repeat the entire 11 months and only after re-submitting the admission requirements.
  • All decisions are final. 
  1. Students may not repeat summer semester without program manager's permission.